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329 ~ 940 SAR

Total Body Health Check-Up

Sexual Health and Reproductive Health, Spiritual Health

1 Providers7 Services

This is a comprehensive health check up package includes multi-disciplinary appr

330 ~ 918 SAR

Pediatric Check-Up

Mental Health, Public Health

2 Providers7 Services

Childhood disorders hamper the growth of a child into a healthy adult. If diagno

419 ~ 975 SAR

Premium Diabetic Check-Up

Emotional Health, Social Health

2 Providers7 Services

Diabetes is one of the most common as well as the most dangerous disease in the

420 ~ 990 SAR

Gynec Check-Up / Well Women Package

Family Health, Occupational Health

3 Providers7 Services

Most women do not take their ailments seriously. they should

351 ~ 829 SAR

Cancer Screening-Men

Public Health, Mental Health

1 Providers7 Services

Earlier detected is half cured; this is the golden motto of treatment of cancer