True Fact

Poor Health Makes Our Life Intolerable

Picture yourself three years from now; Waking up with the same morning stiffness that makes leaving your bed nearly impossible, continue to suffer from a sharp tension headache that prevents you from socialising with your loved ones. Or the stab to your self-confidence every time you look at the mirror because you don’t like what you see:

  • You wish you had white teeth,
  • You need to lose weight because your favourite clothes do not fit anymore
  • Your skin looks dull, and acne scars all over your forehead…

Also, in case you have uncontrolled diabetes, the guilt with every bite of your favourite dessert must be causing you anxiety because all that you can think of is high blood sugar! You wanted things to get better; You had plans to start taking care of yourself;

Feel better ... live better today!

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Doctor Mohammed AlShemalai

Psychiatry, Plastic Surgery, ...

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Doctor ٍSamira haroon

Neonatology, Reproductive End...

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Doctor khalaf Aljabari

Internal Medicine / Pediatric...

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Deep inside, you know that poor health prevents you from living a happy life
A life you have always desired
A life you deserve!

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Having the Knowledge Is Having the Power to Make the Right Health Decisions

You want a life with no pain, you care about your health, who does not?

What could be preventing you from seeking immediate medical advice and taking care of your health is not knowing where and how to start; Which doctor to go to; Who is the best dentist? Or the best dermatologist?

You don’t know what to expect; A complicated surgery? blood tests? Or an extended treatment plan that requires hospitalisation? What if I need a second opinion? Whom should I ask for medical advice?

With all those questions, confusions and horror stories surrounding healthcare, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Also, you do not want to spend your time and m3y on something that might not work, even if you are using medical insurance

But it is never late to take back control over your life and start feeling better.

Empower your health decisions, ask Mashfa!

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We Are Talking About Your Health Here!

Remember, following the wrong health advice can have a massive impact on your health & wellbeing: You could be lucky and come across a qualified doctor who knows what you require to feel better or a healthcare provider that puts you on a treatment plan that leads to excellent results.

But if you are unlucky, you may waste a lot of time and money, and by the time you find the right clinic or healthcare facility, your health issue may develop, cause complications and become life-threatening.

So why take the risk?

Stop risking your health and well-being; let Mashfa be your guide

No More Struggling

  • Struggling with discomfort and painful symptoms
  • Self-diagnosing and seeking advice from the wrong sources
  • Spending time and money on ineffective treatment plans or visiting incompetent specialists

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How Can Mashfa Help You Achieve Your Health Goals?

We know that you value your health, and that’s why we developed Mashfa; Your health and well-being mentor that will empower you to make the right decisions concerning your health and well-being.

We have developed Mashfa to help you:

  • Start taking care of your health with confidence, you will be fully aware of what your health needs are, what to expect from healthcare practitioners, and as a result, you will be able to feel better every single day.
  • You will limit any chance of being given the wrong diagnose, unsuitable treatment plans or consulting the wrong healthcare provider - and as a result, you will be able to address your health issues from the get-go.

Live your life to the fullest, seek health advice from Mashfa today!

How Is Mashfa Different

We offer you a personalised health and wellness journey

Well crafted packages

Mashfa’s health packages are tailormade. They are designed to meet your individual needs as we do not believe in the principle of one size fits all

Done by experts

Mashfa’s solution is developed by health and wellbeing experts for people who value their health & well-being

A step by step guide:

  1. 1- Go to to access the web version or download our application! we are available on Google Play and APP store
  2. 2- Create a new account by filling in the required detail
  3. 3- Choose packages that fits with your health and well-being goals
  4. 4- Complete your purchase of the package using the approved payment methods
  5. 5- Book your appointment with the right healthcare provider or chat with our online doctor for help