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Doctor ٍSamira haroon

Neonatology, Reproductive End...

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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About Me

is a consultant in kidney disease that causes blood pressure and consultant of internal diseases. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan and worked as an intern physician at Al Bashir Hospital and King Hussein Medical Center (1996-1997AD), then in the Military Field Medicine Department, Mine Clearance, Aviation Medicine (Medical Centers of Royal Medical Services) (1997-1998AD) To complete her career as a resident physician in internal medicine at the Royal Medical Services Hospitals (KHMC), Queen Alia Hospital, Prince Hashem Hospital



Work & Experience

he began her specialty trip on work as an assistant specialist in internal medicine at King Hussein Medical Center and then a specialist in internal medicine at King Hussein Medical Center and Queen Alia Hospital Dr. Al Rabadi has always been keen on developing her scientific and professional experience, so she obtained a fellowship in kidney transplantation and dialysis at King Hussein Medical Center and worked as an assistant kidney disease specialist at King Hussein Medical Center and a first-time full-time nephrologist at the Al Hussein Medical Center Hospital in addition To work as a Clinical Liaison Officer in Kidney Diseases, Transplant and Dialysis at Sheffield Teaching Hospital, Sheffield - UK. Dr. Al Rabadi finished herself working at Al Hussain Medical Center (working for her full time) as a Senior Specialist in Kidney Diseases and Kidney Transplant. Dr. Al-Rabadi had a wonderful imprint in the field of academic education, where she worked as a part-time lecturer in internal medicine and kidney disease in the faculty of medicine in both the University of Mutah and the Hashemite University.


A scholarship from the University of Jordan to cover a Bachelors degree in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Amman - Jordan (1989-1996)

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Khalid Hospital


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Ibn Batota Hospital


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